Lumina T2 embodies the forward-looking philosophy and trailblazing attitude of emerging industries in a futuristic and stylish design. It is a place for trendsetters to call their home.

Designed for innovative startups and pace-setting SMEs, T2 strives to become a driving force for growth and progressive thinking in the Yuexiu District.

  • Shared and serviced offices
  • Innovative startups and SMEs
  • Private finance companies
  • Creative industries

Unit Interior Decoration White emulsion paint on walls
Unit Doors Glass doors with metal frame, will provide steel fire doors upon request for fire-resistance
Curtains White roller blind with manual control
Ceiling System Exposed grid with aluminum tiles, standard lamp panels and tubes
Air Conditioning System VAV system will be installed in place
Fire Control System Sprinkler system, smoke detectors, speakers, smoke barriers and etc.
Raised Flore System Networked raised floor with standard floor box

Building Height 100m
Office Area Approx.32,400m2
Volumetric Plan

Low Zone L8-13

High Zone L14-20

Typical Office Floor Area Approx.2,500m2
Clear Ceiling Height Office area 3m
Raised Floor System 140mm
Floor Loading 400kg/m2
Type of Air Conditioning System VAV System
Cooling Capacity and Air-exchange Rate 145W/m2; 31m3/hr/person
Lift System


Low Zone:4

High Zone:4

VIP Lift:1

Speed Low Zone,Height Zone,VIP Lift:2.5m/s
Car Parking Space

Lumina I:901 vehicles(Including parking spaces for electric vehicles)

Lumina II:104 vehicles

Lumina III:152 vehicles

Executive Toilet /
Dual Feeders Power Supply
Power Supply 80W/m2
Emergency Generators
24h IT Chilled Water System
Intelligent Security Gate