A New Landmark Commercial Space for the New Era

Lumina is located in Yuexiu District’s bustling Haizhu Square along the Pearl River and is comprised of the twin T1 and T2 Grade A office buildings and a prime shopping complex—offering over 304,000 square meters of space for business, retail, entertainment, leisure and cultural facilities.

Lumina Guangzhou is one of the first properties in Henderson Land Group's Lumina collection of commercial developments. Its Chinese name expresses a space without boundary with an all-embracing spirit. Lumina, is like a guiding star, lights the way to new possibilities.

Lumina features a dynamic community tailored for office, business and living—creating a synergy of the city’s culture and the creative urban planning. It offers a gathering place for professionals, tourists and locals to find enrichment in their work life, as well as uncover opportunities to expand their networks, explore experiences, share culture and pursue leisure.

Lumina will help Yuexiu transcend limits by becoming a star that lights the way to endless business possibilities.

Lumina I

Estimated Gross Floor Area:

Shopping Mall approx. 76,000m2

Office Space approx. 89,000m2

Estimated No. of Car Park:


Lumina II & III

(the underground of Haizhu Square West and East Plaza)

Estimated Gross Floor Area:

Underground Shopping Mall approx. 40,000m2

Estimated No. of Car Park:


Lumina was designed by internationally renowned architectural firm. The project was inspired by the majestic Pearl River. The exterior walls evoke water ripples—melding modern sensibilities with nature’s elegance. The interior design draws from the textural beauty and earthy color of a riverbed.

Surrounded by fascinating river and garden views, sitting between historical and modern buildings, Lumina has become a unique and ingenious masterpiece.

Yuexiu is one of Guangzhou’s most established business districts. Lumina has been the flagship development within the district for the past decade—setting new standards of sophistication and elevating the area’s reputation beyond that of a traditional commercial hub. With Grade A office space and a premium shopping mall, Lumina caters to professionals and businesses to form abustling, dynamic community. This rare, top-rate property will attract brilliant talent and reinvigorate the Yuexiu District.

Prime Location Premium Portfolio

The Project is located in Yuexiu District’s bustling Haizhu Square along the Pearl River. It sits at the historical central axis and the riverside area, and is next to historical attractions, including the Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall, Guangzhou Municipal Government and People's Park. Five main commercial districts are located within a 3km radius, including Shangxiajiu and Beijing Road. The project can easily be reached via seamless connections to Haizhu Square Station on Metro Lines 2 and 6.

Preciously Unparalleled

With Grade A offices, a world-class shopping and entertainment complex and outdoor venues, Lumina is an exhilarating center for business and leisure. It is set to become a rare development of its kind in the Yuexiu District in the next five to ten years—making it a highly coveted base for top businesses.

Breathtaking Vistas

Sitting along the Pearl River in Guangzhou, Lumina is a rare large-scale commercial complex enjoying excellent panoramic views. The property is adjacent to two historic landmarks (Haizhu Bridge and Wuxianmen Power Plant). To the east is the popular Haizhu Square Park where visitors can immerse themselves in greenery.

Distinguished Pedigree

Lumina is solely owned by the Henderson Land Group. With the Group's extensive property management experience in Hong Kong and Mainland China, Lumina will be a superb choice for top-tier companies.

A Harmony of Urban Plan

The property is located in Guangzhou’s old city—a beautiful key area under conservation. Lumina’s development is supported by regional plans aimed to preserve the district’s charm and character. The project will blend harmoniously with the conservation efforts—unveiling a new chapter in the future of the Yuexiu District.

Excellent Transportation Network

At the heart of a bustling business district, Lumina I, II & III connect to Metro Lines via convenient underground tunnels, giving citizens easy access across Guangzhou.

To Guangzhou East Railway Station: approx. 10km
To Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: approx. 34km
To Guangzhou South Railway Station: approx. 18km

An oasis in the city

Lumina T1 and T2 are composing the trendsetting heart of the metropolis. At the same time, it offers an abundance of public green space and a unique, interactive commercial space where people can find solace from the hustle and bustle — cultivating a multi-dimensional lifestyle.