Henderson Land Group Launches the “Lumina” Collection Introducing New Urban Lifestyle Hub with “Synergy of Work and Leisure”



Lumina Guangzhou – Bird’s Eye View


Lumina Guangzhou – Bird’s Eye View


“The Lumina collection is the first retail property brand series the Group launched in mainland China.” said Dr Lee Ka Kit, Chairman of Henderson Land Development Company Limited. “It signifies the Group’s evolving vision in expanding its commercial property portfolio in mainland market, bringing even more enriched and multi-faceted working and living experiences to the end users through community building. The Group will continue to build on the Lumina brand and extend the brand experience to other new projects in mainland cities.”

As a leading property group in Hong Kong and mainland China, Henderson Land Group has established strong property development credentials in various cities in mainland China. Over the years, Henderson Land has created high quality city landmarks, such as International Finance Centre Complex in Hong Kong, World Financial Centre in Beijing, Henderson 688, Henderson Metropolitan, Greentech Tower, Centro and 2 Grand Gateway in Shanghai. The “Lumina” collection believes in synergizing work and leisure, and deliver not only products, but experiences to our tenants and shoppers through five core essences – business, socializing, living, learning and enrichment. The “Lumina” premier projects include Lumina Shanghai and Lumina Guangzhou.

Lumina Guangzhou is located in Yuexiu District’s bustling Haizhu Square. It sits at the historical central axis, “one-river-two-banks-three-belts” and Guangzhou’s “City’s Living Room” area. Haizhu Square not only is the exclusive riverside square in Guangzhou, but also is the Guangzhou’s origin of commercial and cultural activities, with a thousand years’ history. From “Haizhu Qing Lan” in Song Dynasty, “Haizhu Qiu Yue” in Qing Dynasty, to being recognized as the “Eight Scenes of Guangzhou”, this has proofed that the Haizhu Square has a place in every Guangzhou people’s heart. The area has unrepeatable resources of culture, commercial, and tourist; surrounded by large residential estates and boasts the highest density of primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou. Lumina Guangzhou is the city’s highlight project, it carries the mission to modernize the traditional Guangzhou, with its unparalleled location advantages and unique policy support, it will become a unique large-scale city landmark complex in Yuexiu District, even Guangzhou.


Lumina Guangzhou – Lumina I


Lumina Guangzhou – View from Opposite Bank


Lumina Guangzhou – Construction Progress as of 14 Aug, 2018

As one of the first of Lumina collection, Lumina Guangzhou consists of two phases and total expecting area covers approx. 304,000 square meters. Phase one including Lumina I, an approx. 76,000 square meters one-stop entertainment and lifestyle mall, and 89,000 square meters of Grade A office. Phase two comprises Lumina II and Lumina III, the current West and East Haizhu Square underground commercial space respectively, and will retain the distinct heart shape, offers ranges of indoor and outdoor public spaces and greenery area for community interactions. Lumina Guangzhou was designed by a renowned architectural firm and was inspired by the majestic Pearl River. The project can easily be reached via seamless connections to Haizhu Square Station on Metro Lines 2 and 6, multiple bus routes and ferries. Lumina Guangzhou will be managed by a team with extensive experience in commercial properties, and will become a large-scale complex with business, entertainment, leisure, culture facilities – A Hub of Work and Leisure.

Centrally located in the bustling Xuhui Riverside District, Lumina Shanghai is one of the first in the Lumina Collection of Henderson Land Group’s prestigious commercial properties. Lumina Shanghai enables tenants and visitors to achieve a synergy of work and leisure. The project was born of a vision by internationally acclaimed architectural firm Gensler. It consists of two phases and total expecting area covers approx. 400,000 square meters. With seamless connection to metro Longyao Road Station, and direct connection to Pudong via Longyao Road Tunnel, Lumina Shanghai enjoys an abundance of transportation options and convenient access. The expected height of phase one quintessential International Grade A iconic office building at 280 meters will become a landmark that will stand the test of time. Phase one shopping center offers a trendy boutique-style retail environment. Planned exciting retail mix includes a range of dining, leisure, sports fashion, health and beauty services, culture and arts, and more. Project phase two consists of four ultra-modern International Grade A office towers. Combined with its green design, superb dining options and event spaces, the project embodies today’s trends in work and leisure venues.



Lumina Shanghai – Retail Podium


Lumina Shanghai – Project Phase 2


Lumina Shanghai – Construction Progress as of 4 Sept 2018


Lumina features a dynamic community tailored for offices and business – creating a synergy of the city’s culture and creative development. It offers a gathering place for professionals, tourists and locals to find enrichment in their work life, as well as uncovers opportunities to expand their networks, explore experiences, share culture and pursue leisure.